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Become an Affiliate for The Oneness Network and


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Our bundles are such epic value that purchasing is a no-brainer for so many people. Add to that our strategic guidance on how to share and you have everything you need to sell hundreds (if not thousands) of products.


Up to 70% Commission


Thanks to the product being digital. We are able to offer excellent commission rates to our affiliates. From 50% - 70% depending on sales numbers.





100x Sales = $3,850 
500x Sales = $19.250
1000x Sales = $42,350
2000x Sales = $96,250


Happy Followers


Our bundles are full of life-transforming content and they are of such incredible value that your followers will love you for sharing it with them!

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Marketing Training


We provide strategic guidance on how to maximise your earnings during the 8-day sale.

Join 100s of other Influencers


Who Love Working with Us


Hear what other coaches and influencers have to say about working with Oneness... 

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"Oneness are so organized and do everything to a really high quality and standard."


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"It was such an honor to be a part this! I love the mission of fusing personal development and spirituality together."


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"I'm stoked I had the opportunity to be a part of this. Oneness are very well organized!"



Oneness Network Course Bundles


It's Easy to Work with Us.


We make it easy for you to earn money and please your audience.

Frequently asked questions

What are your affiliate commission rates and how much money can I earn?

We offer 50%-70% commission based on how many sales you make. Your first 500 sales will make you 50% commission. If you really want to make good money and you hit 500 sales (you will have pocketed $19,250 already) then every sale you make after that will earn you 60% commission! And if you are super smart and want to really capitalise on this opportunity and make 1000 sales ($42,350 in your bank now) you will earn a whopping 70% commission on every sale you make after that. So, if you have a big following of people interested in conscious self-development, and you sell 2000 of these - you will make $96,250. How much you sell/earn will depend on how much effort you put into the process during the sales week. But, don’t forget, we will be providing strategic guidance on how to maximise sales - so you won’t be alone.

When and how will I be paid?

We pay you one month after the sale ends. Payments are sent via paypal or wire transfer, depending on the amount you earn.

How can I keep track of my sales/earnings?

We use affiliate software that tracks how many people purchase the bundle after clicking on your unique link. We credit you with the sale even if the person doesn’t buy right away but comes back any time before the sale ends! You will have your own login and can track your sales/earnings at any time. What requirements do you have to become an affiliate? You must have a decent sized following or email list and an engaged audience


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